Berkey vs. Katadyn Water Filters

Berkey vs. Katadyn Water Filters

Water sources can easily be contaminated, and we should always make sure that we are protected from anything harmful in our water. Runoff and rain can easily spread microorganisms from animal and human waste, which leads to contaminated water. In the event of an emergency, or just because you want clean drinking water available on a regular basis without having to purchase bottled water, you should always have a water filtration system and purifier on hand.

Cleaning a Big Berkey Water Filter

Berkey filter systems allow your water from home to be put through a filtration process to become a source of clean and delicious water, free from all sediment, sedimentary minerals, parasites, and bacteria. It does this through a filtration system that is very similar to our earths water filtration that takes place naturally. All water flows through a microporous filter, then an ionic barrier that will take out other pollutants in the water, and then finally, it will pass through an ion exchange filtration process that removes all heavy metals found in your water source. Water that comes from a Berkey filtration system is exactly like refreshing and clean natural spring water.

But not all filters are created equal: When comparing Katadyn vs. Berkey, the Berkey water filters prove to be much better.

When it comes to the amount of filtered water that results from the two brands' filters, the Big Berkey produces 84 gallons per day, while the Katadyn only produces 24. The maximum that the Berkey can produce is 168 gallons per day when expanded to four filters. This comes in handy when it is supporting a larger number of people.

Water Filtration Comparison

As far as capability for filtration is concerned, the Berkey wins again, hands down. The Katadyn is not capable of removing substances including heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and chlorine, or pathogens such as viruses. The Berkey filters all of these out of your water, and it is the only water filter that works so well that it can be classified as a water purification system.

Another benefit is that the Berkey has the capability to remove more contaminants, like fluoride and arsenic, within the lower chamber with post filters that may be added to the system, while the Katadyn does not have this capability.

The Berkey has the ability to remove at least 99.99 percent of pathogenic bacteria from the water source, as does the Katadyn, which means they are both classified as water filters. But the Berkey is also classified as a water purifier, as it removes 99.999 percent of viruses, while the Katadyn does not. Learn about the differences between a water purifier and a water filter.

Comparing Aesthetics

There are many different types of Berkey water filters from which to choose. The Big Berkey is extremely stylish and comes in a stainless steel finish, matching all of your kitchen appliances, while the Katadyn is plastic.

Comparing Cost

Initially, the Big Berkey costs a little more than $270, which you can purchase online, while the Katadyn comes in under $225. But in the long run, the Berkey is a more economical water filter for your home when it comes to maintenance. The cost of replacement filters is relatively the same, but the Berkey filter has only two elements, while the Katadyn has three that will need to be changed simultaneously.

There is not a time limit on the Berkey filter, while the Katadyn will need replacing after approximately six months. And the lifetime of the Katadyn filter is around 750 gallons, while the lifetime of a Berkey filter is around 3,000 gallons of water. The cost of filter replacement comes out to be around 7.6 cents per gallon of water for the Katadyn and only 2.0 cents per gallon for the Berkey, making it the more economical water filtration and purification system.

Comparing Warranties

When comparing Katadyn vs. Berkey warranty information, the guarantee for the Berkey is better than that of the Katadyn as well. The Berkey's guarantee covers manufacturing defects for six months, it covers the filters for two years, and it also covers the chambers, hardware, and spigots for the lifetime of the system, while the Katadyn's guarantee is for two years.

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