Water Facts to Know in 2022

We recently brought together some of the latest data on water use from sources like the EPA , UNESCO, NOAA and WHO to develop this beautiful infographic. However, some people prefer their information in text format, so...

Here are a few water facts to know in 2022:

-- More than 21-million Americans drink water that violates U.S. health standards.

-- Every year in the United States, water borne diseases cause over 7-million illnesses, ad over 6,600 deaths.

-- Nearly $260-billion is lost every year due to a lack of water sanitation.

-- Less than 0.5% of the Earth's water is fresh and drinkable.

-- The United States uses 322 billion gallons of water every day, mostly for energy and food production.

-- The average American uses 82 gallons per day. This includes the fresh, drinkable water we flush down the toilet.

-- Climate change is affecting our water supply in many ways, including: rising sea levels, higher temperatures (which means more bacteria and less fresh water), natural disasters and unpredictable, severe weather patterns, including drought.

Check out the original infographic for more stats and references.

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