Installing The Berkey Hole Plugs.

Installing The Berkey Hole Plugs.

After you have installed the Black Berkey® Elements into your water filter system, depending on the model, you may have holes left over that filters do not fill. These holes are available to be able to add additional filters if the flow rate of the system is not adequate. If you are not using the maximum number of elements for your particular model, you will need to fill the extra holes with the Berkey hole plugs provided.

Follow these steps

  1. Wash the hole plugs in warm water and dish soap and rinse off.
  2. Take the nut and one washer off of the bolt.
  3. Insert the bolt with one washer into the hole from the filter side of the container.
  4. Place one washer on the bolt protruding from the bottom of the unit.
  5. Screw the wing nut onto the bolt and tighten securely.


  • When the unit is in normal operation the wing nut should be on the bottom.
  • There should be one washer directly on each side in contact with the stainless steel container.
  • Pay close attention to the hole plugs the first time you operate the system to make sure they are not leaking.