• Sport Berkey Replacement

Sport Berkey Replacement

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Sport Berkey Replacement

This is the factory's original replacement for the Sport Berkey Water Bottle filter and has the same filtration medium as the more significant Black Berkey Filter element. It will produce up to 640 refills for tap water based upon the quality of influent water. The filter takes only seconds to replace and requires no tools.

**Please note that effective March 24th, 2016, the Sport Berkey Water Filtration Bottle was updated. The new element is the same, except that it has a more significant tapered straw connection. The functionality of the Sport Berkey is unchanged. Suppose you purchased your Sport Berkey Water Filtration Bottle before March 24th, 2016, and want to order a replacement filter(s). In that case, you will need to order a new bottle as the new and old systems are incompatible (i.e., the new replacement filters will not fit the older model Sport Berkey bottle).

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