Berkey Benefits

Why Berkey Is The Best Water Filter You Can Buy

The unique ability of Berkey water filters to meet and exceed the needs of users across the globe make it the best system in filtering water. At home, on the road, or in a foreign land--Berkey has your back.

Better Water Filtering Capability

All Berkey water filters are extensively tested and specifically developed to produce filtered drinking water. The military set standards for the varying degrees of water filtration. Berkey surpassed those standards and is the best on the market. 

Berkey being filled

The Berkey is Economical

Get up to 3,000 gallons of filtered water before needing to purchase a replacement. We recommend replacing a pair Black Berkey Filters every 6,000 gallons. Filters may require replacement sooner based upon the quality of influent water. The water filtration elements inside every Berkey system can be cleaned, which means the lifespan of a Berkey water filter system is exceptionally more than any other water filtering products.

The average family of four drinks about two to four gallons of water per day. Our most popular systems, like the Big Berkey and Royal Berkey models, come with two filters. Together the life of these two filters is approximately 6,000 gallons. A family of four wouldn't need to replace the filters for a minimum of four years. That's 1,500 continuous days of using the Berkey for every drop of drinking and cooking water. The cost to enjoy filtered drinking water is less than three cents per gallon. Compare this to other water filters on the market.

Dependably Simple

The unwanted minute contaminants simply cannot physically pass through the unique material used in Black Berkey filters.  The particular technology of the pore structure within the element filters the water. The micro-filtration separates out the smallest of water contaminants, making it the most powerful water filtering systems available. In addition to not being able to get through the Berkey Filter, it also repels contaminants. We use the power of ionic absorption to keep your water clean. This method adds an ionic charge to keep things like heavy metals and chemicals out. These two features are built into the structure of the filter. They do not wear out or diminish in ability over time. All that is necessary to restore the filter to like-new condition, is to clean it. Simply wash out all the contaminants trapped in the outermost surface. Using straightforward mechanics to bring trusted, clean water to you.


The Berkey water filter is used worldwide to meet the needs of of a wide range of people. Some people purchase the Berkey water filter and put it in long-term storage along with other necessity items in case of disaster. Health conscience users rid their water of contaminants that are harmful to their bodies through their Berkey daily. Others simply love the taste of the water want to give their family the best H2O available. With a wide range of sizes and filter configurations the Berkey water filter can serve one person or easily handle a large group of up to 150 people.

Control your own water quality

Do you know what's really in your water? When you purchase water from water fill stations or buy bottled water can you trust that it is truly clean water. Water fill stations require a lot of maintenance for the machine to function properly. Is the person in charge of that maintenance changing filters when necessary or do they let them go beyond their ability to boost profits? Is the machine sanitized on a regular basis? Is the bottled water you purchase going through a filtering process, or is it just regular tap water from a municipal supply? If you are not producing your own water, you are not in control of the water quality. Take the doubt out and use a Berkey