How to Clean the Black Berkey Filter

How to Clean the Black Berkey Filter

Routinely cleaning the Black Berkey Filters extends the life span, and increases flow rate. One of the many benefits of Berkey water filtration systems is the sustainability. The filters used in the system are not single-use disposable. These filters last extensively longer than other filter systems and have the ability to be cleaned. Instead of tossing a dirty filter, Berkey filters can be scrubbed and continuously used. 

Incorporate cleaning your filters, chambers and spigot into your routine system maintenance for best use. At this time, there is no method to clean the Fluoride Filters. 

This cleaning ability is what sets the Black Berkey® Elements apart from our competition. Cleaning the water filter is needed when the flow rate decreases and the output slows to the point that it is no longer meeting your needs. This point depends on the amount of contaminants you are removing. For household use we suggest cleaning every six months, and for field use weekly, possibly daily in the harshest conditions.

Berkey's don't use disposable filters, which means our filter elements have to maintain their integrity after many thorough cleanings. As part of a regular maintenance routine, our filter elements can be cleaned up to 100 times before the need to purchase a replacement.

The same black filter elements fit in all of our water filter systems, including the  Big BerkeyTravel Berkey, and  Royal Berkey.

When and How Often to Clean Your Berkey Filter 

We recommend scrubbing the black filters every 3-6 months and washing the chambers monthly. The unique composition of the Black Berkey® Element creates a pore structure so small that minute particulates become trapped on the very outermost surface of the filter. Over time, like all filters, this will cause the flow rate to decrease. Another indicator to clean the Berkey filters  is whenever you notice a decrease in flow. How often this happens depends on use.

Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Empty all of the water from your Berkey system.
  2. Remove the top container and set it on its top on a solid surface like a table or countertop.
  3. Remove the fluoride filters if installed. Then remove Black Berkey element by unscrewing the wing nut that secures the Black Berkey element to the container.
  4. Hold the filter under the running faucet, with the exit hole pointed up.
  5. Using a new 3M Scotch Brite pad, carefully scrub the black surface of the filter element for several minutes. DO NOT use soap or detergents on filters
  6. Set the elements aside and wash your hands.
  7. Reinstall the filters in the system.