Priming The Berkey Fluoride Filters

Priming the Berkey Fluoride Filters

In order to use your Berkey Fluoride Filters for the first time, you must first prime them. The filtering media contained in the element is very dense and contains dust from the manufacturing process. This dust needs to be rinsed from the media for the water to run clear and break the filtering media's surface tension. Once primed, the Fluoride Filters should never be dried out completely. If no water passes through them for several days, the filters will need to be replaced. Check out our recommendations for traveling with or away from your Berkey. Please follow the instructions below to get the best results from your Berkey water filtering system.

How to Prime Berkey Filters with Prime Rite

Exclusive to Berkey, the Prime Rite, is a new faucet priming kit designed to make priming the Berkey Fluoride Filter, faster & easier! The Prime Rite is included in the Berkey Maintenance Kit.


1. Attach blue silicon Prime Rite to the faucet. The prime should be as close to the spout as possible.
2. Locate the threaded end of the fluoride filter. Attach the white filter adapter to the screwing into the threads.
3. Gently push the white filter adapter into the blue Prime Rite.
4.  Slowly turn on the faucet, gradually increasing the water pressure. Use cold water, and don't let the filter hand unsupported. Turn water pressure down if Prime Rite develops a bulb.
5. Cover the bottom end of the filter with a finger to prevent water from flowing through the outlet. Let the water fill up in the filter for approximately 30 seconds. Then turn off the faucet.
6. Remove the fluoride filter from the Prime Rite. Cover both ends with fingers to block water inside. Shake filter vigorously for about one minute.
7. Reattach the filter to the Prime Rite and turn on the faucet slowly. Increase the pressure until there is a steady stream flowing from the bottom of the filter.
8. Repeat until water comes out clear.

How to Prime Berkey Fluoride Filters with Priming Button


Priming with the thick tan washer, known as the priming button, is the original method for priming Fluoride Filters. A priming button is included with every Fluoride Filter purchase.

1. With the blue caps in place, wash the exterior of each fluoride filter element with water and mild dishwashing soap, then rinse.
2. With clean hands, remove both blue caps from each end of both filter elements.
3. Place the rubber priming button (tan colored) onto one end of a fluoride filter and align the hole of the filter with the hole of the rubber washer.
4. Press the priming button up against the sink faucet so that the priming button creates a seal between the faucet and the Fluoride Filter. Place your thumb on top of the faucet to apply pressure to create a better seal (as seen in the picture).
5. While holding the priming button against the faucet, turn on the cold water slowly, allowing water to fill the cavity of the filter and flow from the opposite end.
6. Allow water to flow for at least 30 seconds or until water runs clear.
7. Turn the Fluoride filter over and prime the opposite end (reversing the water flow), repeating steps 3-5 until water runs clear from both directions.
8. To determine if the filter is fully primed, collect the filtered water in a clear glass and hold it up to the light to see if all of the cloudiness is gone from the water. If not, continue priming until the water is clear.
9. This filter is now primed and ready to install.
10. Repeat priming steps 1-7 for each additional Fluoride Filter.



Installation Caution Tip: When screwing the element onto the Black Berkey filter, do not exceed eight revolutions, or the threaded portion of the filter will protrude too far into the fluoride filter and possibly damage the filter

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