Berkey Traveling Tips!

Traveling away from your beloved Berkey, and not sure what to do with your powerful water filter system? Are you planning to travel with your Berkey, on a plane train or automobile? Check out our storage and travel tips, below! 

Short Trip: 3-14 Days

We recommend filling your Berkey system every 2-3 days to keep your filtered water flowing quickly. If you are leaving on a short vacation (over 3 days away), follow the below steps!

1. Carefully empty and take apart your system, removing the filters from your system.

2. Black Filters should be laid on top of a towel on a flat surface (where they would be safe from rolling off) so they can dry out evenly.

3. Fluoride Filters will need to be placed in a zip-top bag and stored in the door of the refrigerator until you return. The fluoride filters cannot dry out, and cannot freeze if they do they will need to be replaced. The fluoride filters can only be stored for a total of 2 weeks only, unattended.

4. Set all other parts and pieces to dry out

5. Upon return, you simply will need to re-prime your filters and re-assemble the system!


Long Term Storage: Over 14 Days 

The System and Parts (non-filters)

Carefully empty and take apart your system, removing the filters from your system (see filter specific instructions below). Clean all other non-filter parts and pieces and dry. Once dry, pack in the original box, or in a safe place where small parts and pieces will not be misplaced.

Black Filters

Dry out the black filters and then place them in the original box or similar container (it doesn't have to be sealed airtight). Preferably in a cool, dry place like a closet shelf and away from any strong odors.

Fluoride Filters

As mentioned above the Fluoride Filters, need to remain wet. If you are traveling away from your Berkey System with Fluoride Filters, you will need someone to run water through your refrigerated Fluoride Filters, every 14 days, as if they were in normal use in order to keep them wet. Once Fluoride filters dry out, they will need to be replaced.

Taking your Berkey with you? 

Don't worry, it's easy, and you'll have great water! 

1. Carefully take your system apart and dry all parts and pieces (except fluoride filters).

2. The Stainless-Steel chambers nest perfectly inside each other, with ample space for all parts and pieces! We recommend placing small parts in a zip-top bag to keep them together and from scratching the system.

3. Black Filters dry out either by setting them out for 24+ hours or using the Berkey Black Primer - in purge position. Once dry seal in zip-top bag and pack into the system, or tote, with padding! Towels work great as a cushion. 

4. Fluoride Filters will need to remain wet and cool. Store them in a zip-top bag in a cooler. Just make sure they are not sitting right on top of ice, as they cannot freeze! You will want to run water through the fluoride filters at least every 4 days to keep them from drying out.

5. Make sure to reprime your filters once you get to your destination! Don't forget to add the Prime Rite, Black Primer and Berkey Tote to your packing list!

Can't stand the thought of being without Berkey water on your vacation, but can't bring the full system? Check out our Sport Berkey Bottle, perfect for weekend getaways, airplanes, hiking, and overseas travels! 


Make sure to check with your specific airline and TSA guidelines to see what is allowed.

I traveled with the Sport Berkey recently. I emptied it before going through TSA and refilled it after getting through security. If you are traveling with the Go Berkey Kit make sure your filters are dried out, and the chambers are empty!

Going anywhere fun with your Berkey? We love seeing your Berkey adventures!

- Happy Travels Berkey Family!

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