Berkey vs. Pur Water Filters

Berkey vs. Pur Water Filters

When you buy water filter systems, you want to make sure that you're well-informed, especially if you're getting your information online. Educating yourself about the limits and benefits of each product is essential for being able to make a well-informed purchase that you can be comfortable with. Berkey wants to help you by providing valuable product comparison information to help you as you look at a variety of filters. Berkey water filters are superior in construction, design, and filtering ability, but don't just take our word for it. Let's see how Berkey stacks up against the competition.

Berkey Filters vs Pur

Maximum filtering capacity:

The largest Berkey water filter system, the Crown Berkey, is capable of filtering six gallons of water at a time and comes with a lifetime warranty and free shipping, while our most popular system, the Big Berkey is capable of filtering 2.25 gallons of water at a time, which means you will always be able to get a substantial amount of clean, fresh water to drink no matter where you go.

The largest PUR water filtering systems available for family and community purchase are currently a dispenser size that would be placed on a shelf in your fridge. According to PUR, it is capable of filtering approximately one gallon of water. PUR pitcher filters at the largest size available are only capable of filtering a little more than half a gallon of water at a time.

Filter Replacement Cost Per Year:

A good filtering system keeps costs down by maximizing the life of the filters so that you don't have to keep replacing them. Even though Berkey systems have a higher initial cost to purchase the whole system, the cost to replace the filters per year is only $19 total. That estimate is based on filtering roughly 18 gallons a week for a grand total of 936 gallons a year! Just $19 a year will buy you peace of mind about the quality of your drinking water with a lot more left over!

PUR filtering systems must be replaced regularly, and as a result, the costs for replacing these filters must be factored in when purchasing a water filtering system. It's estimated that at the same rate of 18 gallons a week, the cost to replace PUR filters for one year would be roughly $85 a year for dispenser filters and around $30 for a years supply of pitcher filters. As you can see, our Berkey filters are the standout winner here, hands down, in affordability and upkeep costs.

Kids with Berkey Water Filter System

Filtering Capability:

As you shop online for your water filtering system, the most important question to consider is what exactly does the filter you are considering remove? At Berkey, we are proud to say that our filters are capable of removing 100% of pathogens from regular drinking water. That's right there were no pathogens found in water filtered by a Berkey filter. These filters were rigorously tested by state  laboratories to confirm these results, which were absolutely phenomenal.

PUR filters are capable of removing certain pharmaceutical contaminants but do not completely eliminate other common contaminants regularly found in drinking water. Their filters are able to reduce heavy metals like lead, mercury, and the chlorine content of your drinking water but not fully get rid of them at this time. Their top tap water filter systems are able to reduce 61 other contaminants, chlorine, and sediment but not fully eliminate these harmful elements from your drinking water.

The Choice is Simple

PUR water filter systems have been an exceedingly popular purchase for many years, but the numbers don't lie. PUR filters simply lack the quality and filtering capability necessary. Berkey filters are the winner hands down in quality, longevity, long-term affordability, and filtering capability. Browse our online inventory to find a water filter system that fits your needs. Buy Berkey with confidence, knowing that you are getting a superior product that will give you the cleanest drinking water by far.