Big Berkey vs. Royal Berkey? Which Size is Best?

Big Berkey vs. Royal Berkey? Which Size is Best?

royal berkey vs big berkey


It's time for the battle between the Berkey sizes! Big Berkey versus Royal Berkey! Which one will be the victor?!

Spoiler Alert: We ❤️  both! 

Can't decide between the Big Berkey or the Royal Berkey? How does one decide and choose which Berkey size is the greatest? Having trouble selecting a Berkey system? Weigh the pros and cons of these two sizes. 


Both systems are made of stainless steel, hold up to four Black Berkey filters, and up to four fluoride filters. Their powerful filtering capabilities are the same. The main aspect that separates the two is size and cost. The Royal Berkey is bigger and therefore costs more, however, the cost over time is still about two cents per gallon no matter the Berkey system size. 

Big Berkey Pros:

Tried and true. The Big Berkey is the number one selling system for a reason. It's the most versatile for most situations. The size and filtering capacity make it convenient for countertops in houses, cabins, tiny homes, and vans. It was the very first Berkey system to ever come out so it's been through the wringer of testing! YEARS of research and development have gone into the Big Berkey and we stand by its capabilities. 

Gallons: 2.25 gallons
Dimensions: 8.5x21"
# of Black Filters: 4
Flow Rate: 3.5 gallons per hour (with 2 filters)
Cost: $387

Big Berkey Cons:

It might not be quite big enough for your needs. Sure you can keep refilling it over and over and over again to get the amount of filtered water that you need, but convenience is important! If you're looking to save time and effort, a size up may be better.  

Royal Berkey Pros:

Who doesn't want a little nobility in their life? The Royal Berkey is regal and majestic. It serves its people well and stands tall. It holds three and a quarter gallons of water and from our testing, it suits households of up to six people really well. Based on average daily drinking water usage a Royal adequately provides clean drinking water for a typical family with only having to refill it once a day. Because the upper chamber holds more water than the Big Berkey it has more water weight for so the flow rate is faster.

Gallons: 3.25
Dimensions: 9.5x24"
# of Black Filters: 4
Flow Rate: 4 gallons per hour (with two filters)
Cost: $430

Royal Berkey Cons: 

It still might not be big enough for your needs. If large crowds of thirsty people are your thing, then a bigger size such as the Imperial or Crown might be better options. On the other hand, it might be too towering. It sits at twenty-four inches tall and if you don't have it overhanging the sink or ledge, you'll need to elevate it somehow to be able to access the spigot. With our six-inch stainless steel stand, it makes the whole thing come out to be thirty inches tall. The standard distance between the counter and the bottom of the cabinet is eighteen inches--a problem if you don't have an alternate place to set your Berkey. It just won't fit.