How To Tighten the Berkey Spigot

How To Tighten the Berkey Spigot

Step 2 - Insert the threaded spigot into the Berkey system
Step 3 - Install the black washer and tighten
Image of a completed project - Tightening a Berkey spigot

Parts and Pieces of the Spigot

  • Spigot
  • Hex Nut
  • Two Silicon Washers

How to Steps

  • Remove all washers and the hex nut from your spigot.
  • Install the white washer with the beveled edge towards the stainless steel container
  • Insert the threaded nipple into the hole in the bottom of the lower chamber of the Berkey
  • Put one washer over the threaded part of the spigot on the outside of the lower chamber and the other on on the interior. 
  • Position the spigot upside down with the outlet facing up
  • Hand tighten the hex nut until tight (do not use tools)
  • While holding the nut from spinning, turn the spigot clockwise to the upright position.
  • Position after turning spigot.
  • The Sight Glass spigot is now tight and ready use!

Instruction Manuals

PDF manuals for all of the Berkey Essentials.