Pass on Plastics

Pass on Plastics

ūüĆĪ¬†Celebrate Earth Day every day¬†with Berkey sustainable solutions! Berkey Filters is passionate about raising awareness on water quality concerns and providing the peace of mind that comes from taking control of your water. Together let's reduce waste and say no to disposable water bottles.¬†

Say buh-bye to those toxic, polluting, plastic water bottles that just keep piling up!  Pass on plastics! Just in the United States, not taking into account the use in other countries, 50 billion (you read that right, BILLION) plastic water bottles are consumed in only one year! No wonder it is the number one pollutant in the oceans. 

Plastics floating in water sources transport harmful contaminants, spreading the destruction. Dangerous chemicals leak out of plastic as it slowly degrades and decomposes. Landfills leach toxins which end up in groundwater and eventually into our tap water. Animals may eat what used to be in the plastic container or the container itself which can lead to injury or death of the animal. 

The discarded plastics are dangerous for the ecosystem but also the way plastics are made is harmful. Millions of barrels of non-renewable oil is required for making plastic water bottles. The manufacturing process for plastics is taxing on the environment and energy resources.

Berkey Filters encourages everyone to practice these pollution solutions! Join us in decreasing and eventually eliminating the trashy relationship we have with single-use plastic. Make environmentally conscious consumer choices. We proudly support the Plastic Pollution Coalition. 

No thank you! We don't want disposable plastic waste here!  Create a better future and a better habitat for all with us. Ditch the disposables! Use products that are well-made, intended to be used for years and years, not contributing to the overflowing landfills.