Berkey® Filters Flow Rate

Berkey® Filters Flow Rate

What is a Water Filter Flow Rate

A water filter flow rate is the speed it takes for the water to go through the filtration process within the filtration system. This rate depends on the size of your water filter system, the number of water filters within the system, and the level of contaminants that are in your water. The average Berkey® water filter flow rate is about one gallon per hour with two Black Berkey® Purification Elements. For each additional pair of Black Filters you can expect the time to be cut in half

What is the Flow Rate of Berkey® Water Filters

The flow rate for any Berkey® water filter system can vary. The more Black Berkey® filters you add to your system, the faster the flow rate. Depending on your setup and number of filters, your Berkey® water filter system should have a flow rate between 1 gallon/hour with two Black Berkey® Purification Elements and 4 gallons/hour with 8 elements.

If Your Berkey® Filter is Slow

Your Berkey® may have a slow flow rate for a few reasons, but it does not necessarily mean you need new filters.

Air Pockets

If your Berkey® filter isn’t working early on, the slow flow rate is likely caused by air pockets. Air pockets occur when the filters have not been fully primed and pockets of air have not been forced out of the filters by water during the priming process. The solution is to prime your Black Berkey® Filter, which you can do by removing the elements, priming them and installing them back in the unit. You can find these instructions included with your Black Berkey® Filters or online here. 

Filling your Berkey® partially

Each time you fill up your Berkey® Filter with water, it’s important to fill up your Berkey® all the way to the top. It allows the filters to wear out evenly instead of the bottom of the filter doing most of the work, causing the filtration system to run more slowly and the flow rate to go down. To avoid overflow, check the bottom chamber first to ensure it is empty, then refill.

Turbidity & Sediment Clogging Micropores

Over time, turbidity and sediment can build up in your filter. To alleviate this, simply remove the elements and under running water, scrub the Black Berkey® filters with a Scotch Brite pad. Within minutes, the filters will be good as new.

Typically, each Black Berkey® Filter Element lasts 3,000 gallons, or 6,000 gallons for a pair. It can also be cleaned up to 100 times, which is why the filters last so long. For more information, visit our Black Berkey® Filter FAQ.